The project Mythemes of the North aims to map the evolution of narrative knowledge of the North in Europe since the Middle Ages by studying its smallest units – the mythemes of the North – and their narrative grammar in cultural circulation. It uses the latest advances of digital humanities and pen and paper based approaches, cross breeding it with productive new readings and sometimes voluntary misunderstandings of (post-)structuralist theories, cultural media studies and studies of geographies of knowledge. A byproduct might be a general Theory of Mythemes of Social Knowledge in Cultural Circulation.

Mythemes of social knowledge refer to the smallest units of discourse. As such, they are the constitutive units of narratives, at the level of the narrated. The analysis of those repertoires of mythemes, their natures and connections, helps us understand the transformations, cultural circulations, and geographical imaginations. In this podcast-series, we document our webinars and research activities.

This channel documents our webinars and similar activtities. For further information and link to articles, you can visit our website:

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2nd Mytheme Webinar: Tracing Mytheme Change [Nov. 19, 2020]


Thomas Mohnike (Université de Strasbourg)

The Mytheme Laboratory is part of the Mytheme of the North project. It serves as the place to chase and trace the smallest particles of narration, mythemes, its properties, relations and dynamics with the means of computational approaches, developed at this stage by Ludovic Strappazon and Thomas Mohnike. In this webinar, the latter talks about the methods used and the results obtained at this stage of the project.

Part of the Mytheme project and its podcast channel:

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