Aladin data collections tree: introduction


A new feature in Aladin version 10 is a direct access to a collection of over 20,000 data sets. All data sets published in the Virtual Observatory are now available.

  1. These collections are presented as a tree in a panel located to the left side of the main Aladin Desktop window. You can click and drag the side of this panel to resize it.
  2. This tree is sorted by data type categories (Image, Database, Catalog, Cube, etc). You can expand or collapse the tree completely using the "collapse" button at the bottom of the panel, or click on individual nodes to expand them.
  3. The tree can be collapsed or expanded on one specific leaf via the "collapse" button.
  4. If we load an image survey and start to zoom in, we see that the tree is automatically colorized according to the current view. Leaves are colored in green if the collection contains data in the current field of view, and colored in orange otherwise.
  5. The leaves in orange can be totally hidden via the "view" button at the bottom of the panel.
  6. The tree can be filtered by a basic keyword constraint : just type the keyword and press return. This will filter the data collections tree to show only leaves matching the keyword, for example: SDSS. This filtering can be combined with the "view" and "collapse" buttons.

Download Aladin desktop :

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